ProfiCook PC-EWB 1007 jégkocka készítő

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ProfiCook PC-EWB 1007  jégkocka készítő
74 990 Ft
Compact ice cube machine with high quality stainless steel insert
Fast and easy preparation of ice cubes with electronic control START / STOP
Water tank can be filled with drinking water (1.8 liter) – incl. water refiller
Approx. 10 – 15 kg ice cubes in 24h (approx. 85 – 125 g in 12 min. – corresponds to approx. 12 ice cubes)
Extremely low noise during operation
Warning sound when ice cube container is full or water tank is empty
Easy handling – drawer for taking out the ice cubes
Eco-Save energy saving mode – automatic switch off after the program has finished
High quality LCD display with clock display
Multifunction touch panel
Programmable digital 24 hour LCD timer
230 V, 50 Hz, 180 W
2 év
11,469 kg/db